Welcome to the Peer Review and comments section of the AoA


“We would like to thank all reviewers of the “assessment of assessments” report. As of today 10 February 2009, the peer review has been officially closed. We are now moving into consideration of the comments and incorporating them into the report. The report will be signed-off at the fifth meeting of the Group of Experts to be held at the World Meteorological Organization, Geneva from 19 to 21 March . Once again we thank all experts and institutions most sincerely for their comments.”

More than 70 experts and organisations have kindly agreed to undertake the review of the AoA report prepared by the Group of Experts. In parallel to the peer review process, the AoA report was also open for comments by Member States of the United Nations (list of governments who have participated in the review of the AoA report).

What is in the the AoA report ?

Chapter 1:  provides an Introduction to the regular process and AoA mandate
Chapter 2:  presents a broad definition and analytical framework for assessments
Chapter 3:   of the report provides an overview of existing marine assessments and the main findings of the Group of Experts’ review,
Chapter 4: of the report presents a normative analysis of best practices.
Chapter 5: presents a possible way forward for the Regular Process

Summaries of the regional and global/supra-regional assessments are available as annexes to this report.

Through this process, we invite the reviewers to focus their comments on :
a. the accuracy of the material used in the draft report and summaries;
b. whether there are any significant gaps in the material;
c. whether there are significant flaws in the argumentation of the report and summaries.

TO DOWNLOAD THE AoA REPORT (01/12/08 Version):
(all files are in pdf acrobat format, to get acrobat reader, go here)

Consolidated Files

Main Report (Chapters 1-5), 1.3 Mb
Annex: Regional Summaries, 1.2 Mb
Annex : Global/Supra-Regional Summaries

Individual Files

Chapter 1 (111Kb)
Chapter 2 (235Kb)
Chapter 3 (384Kb)
Chapter 4 (335Kb)
Chapter 4 Annex A (102Kb)
Chapter 5 (202 Kb)
Acronyms/Abreviations (65 Kb)
Annex : Regional Summaries (1.2 Mb)
Annex : Global/Supra-regional Summaries

We thank you for taking the time to review this report.

The AoA Secretariat